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RHEMA Bible Training Center in Norway


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  • What is RHEMA?
    RHEMA Norway is the Norwegian branch of the worldwide RHEMA organization founded by Kenneth Hagin. RHEMA is a word, a place, and a worldwide family: A Word: RHEMA means “spoken word” in Greek A Place: The RHEMA USA campus is located in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma. It is the home base for over 250 RHEMA campuses located in over 50 countries around the world. A Family: It’s all of us together! RHEMA Norway is a part of RHEMA Europe, Africa & Middle East (REAME) and the worldwide RHEMA family.
  • Is RHEMA for me?
    Yes! Whether you feel called to the full-time ministry or the ministry of helps, or would simply like to study the Bible more in-depth, RHEMA Bible Training Center is the school for you! While ministry training is an important part of RHEMA’s vision, our overall mission is to equip believers to live successfully and reach their world for Jesus Christ. Our program is designed to see students grow stronger in their relationship with God. Simply put, you’ll come out a stronger believer, ready to accomplish whatever God has called you to do!
  • What makes RHEMA different from other Bible schools?
    RHEMA is a school unlike any other! In class, you’ll sense the presence of the Holy Spirit and the spirit of faith. Our unique blend of practical and supernatural training will give you a solid Biblical foundation and equip you for success. Not only will you learn how to hear the voice of God and recognize His leadings, you’ll also receive targeted training that will enable you to fulfill everything God has called you to do.
  • Who attends RHEMA?
    Our students are from all walks of life and in all seasons of life and from churches of different denominations. Some have already started a career and/or family, some are students at university, and some are retired.
  • Does RHEMA offer part-time training?
    RHEMA is a Bible School that offers module-based programs that will fit in your busy schedule. We have different programs and schedules available. Many of our students also work full-time or study at university as well.
  • What is the class schedule?
    RBTC Østfold One 12-hour module a week + Prayer School. Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday: 8:15 am - 12:30 pm. ​ RBTC Bergen Option A: One School Weekend a month (12-hr module). Friday evening + Saturday 9 am - 6 pm. Option B: One module with 12-hour virtual teaching + live Zoom meeting each month. We also have 2 in-person School Weekends a year. *For all of our programs, students are required to attend classes and complete all modules in order.​
  • What are the admission requirements?
    The requirements are as follows: • Acceptance of the Lord Jesus Christ as personal Savior at least one year prior to application • Minimum entry age of 18; • Be a citizen or resident of Norway, or be a citizen or resident of a Nordic country with no current RHEMA campus available to attend. • A satisfactory character reference from his/her pastor/local church; • An assessment by the school Director that the applicant is likely to successfully complete the course • Basic written and spoken Norwegian and/or English
  • What are requirements to graduate?
    The requirements to graduate include: attending all courses, successfully completing written assignments and tests, reading the required course materials, and completion of the practicum.
  • What credentials will I earn as a graduate of RHEMA?
    Graduates earn a RHEMA diploma (which is internationally recognized) for completing Level 2.
  • Is there any translation provided for students whose first language is not Norwegian?
    Our course materials are available in Norwegian and English. Some of our instructors teach in English with translation to Norwegian. When we have students who need English translation, we have provided English translation for the classes taught by our Norwegian instructors.
  • Is RHEMA a denomination in Norway?
    RUN Norway (RHEMA United Network) is registered in Norway and serves as network for churches and organizations that want to be associated with RHEMA. RUN Norway is not a denomination.
  • What is RHEMA’s purpose?
    The mandate, “Go teach My people faith”, was given by God to Kenneth E. Hagin, the founder of RHEMA Bible Training Center. Today his son, Kenneth W. Hagin, the school’s president, and daughter-in-law, Lynette Hagin, it’s director, carry out the mandate. And this mandate is cascaded throughout the worldwide RHEMA family. * Our purpose is to establish and train believers to help them fulfill God’s Plan for their life!
  • How can I receive updates on RHEMA’s events?
    Please click on this link (insert link) to provide us with your contact details so we can include you in our mailing list to send you updates on RHEMA’s events. You can also connect with RHEMA via Facebook to receive updates on RHEMA’s events and encouraging content.
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