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RBTC Bergen

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RBTC Østfold

RBTC Østfold

Classes begin 15. October 2024

  • ​Our diploma program is 15 months.

  • ​Regular Classes are Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday from 8:30-12:30.

  • Weekly Prayer School + Practicum hours.

​Total cost: 29.878 NOK
Payment Plan Available!
RBTC Hybrid Program

* Administered by RBTC Bergen.

  • ​Our Hybrid Program is open for students from  Norway and Norden. 

  • ​Students go through one module (12 course hours) a month.

  • There will be virtual classes + 4 in-person school weekends. 

Only 950 NOK per month.

RHEMA EAME is growing and expanding. In addition to training students at RHEMA Campuses, we are building teams and equipping leaders and pastors. Many alumni are pastors for churches across the region. Faith-filled books are being translated into more and more languages.

100,000+ GRADUATES


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