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Keys to Doors

When I first started working with RHEMA Norway it was a bit of a new world, and I am not meaning country-wise. RHEMA USA had a different course structure and arrangement and I realized I needed to quickly become familiar with a new way of doing things. There is the same spirit of faith, but some of the structure and curriculum was shaped differently within the module system that many nations use in Europe. Whenever possible during a school weekend, I would be sitting in class taking notes myself - learning how a course was structured here, but also just learning. I love seeing our campus teams and alumni guests taking time to sit in class with open Bibles, taking notes. If you are a RHEMA graduate from any campus, you are welcome to come attend our in-person school weekends. We’d love to see you!

I am often reminded about things I have heard in those classes. It helps that I have been able to sit in some of these classes multiple times, but it’s more than that. The Spirit continues to bring to remembrance those seeds that are planted in us from reading the Word for ourselves and from hearing the Word of Truth taught. They can grow into a harvest in our life.

Here is a quote from class that continually impacts my prayer life:

The key to your house is unique to your house. Your voice is like a key.

Your voice lifted up in prayer is a unique key that unlocks certain doors.

Our voices joined together in united prayer become a different key that unlocks different doors.

- Michelle Grunewald - RBTC Principles of Prayer 1

What a good image to have as you pray - that your voice is a key to open doors, and that united voices become a different key to different doors. There are different types of doors we encounter in life, and so there are different types of doors we will also come to in prayer.

Doors that lead to Assignments... Some may refer to this concept of keys and doors as “prayer assignments”. As we gather together as believers to pray, there may be specific assignments that the Lord would have us handle together. I have also experienced this when I have prayed with a certain prayer partner. As the quote above says, our voices together become a unique key. We’ve always seemed led by the Spirit back to the same “doors”, and into the same “rooms” to pray. This quote brought clarity to those experiences. While praying together, we have learned how to be better stewards of those “rooms” and assignments, just as we must be good stewards of the personal assignments we have as well.

Doors that lead to Opportunities... Paul prayed that doors would open for the Word, so that he could share the Gospel (Colossians 4:3). These are doors that prayer can open, and all Believers should pray for this. There may be other opportunities in your life, and your voice in prayer can open these doors. Not all opportunities we see are for us, but then we can pray that we know His Will. He is the Good Shepherd and leads us.

Doors from the enemy that try to Restrain us... We may view this figuratively, but we can see a very literal example of this in the Book of Acts, chapter 12. After killing James the brother of John, King Herod had Peter imprisoned, bound, and guarded. Verse 5 says that, “earnest prayer for him was made to God by the church”. The result? Peter was led out by an angel, the chains fell off, and they passed by the guards. The iron gate “opened on it’s own accord”. Peter then went to a house where many were gathered together and were praying (verse 12). Their prayers became a key that opened all those doors.

Your voice is like a key.


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