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Faith Comes by Hearing

Have you ever met someone who believed in something so strongly that it inspired you to action? I think if we're being honest, all of us would admit that we are inherently drawn to people like that. This is why as Christians we must be absolutely convinced that it is God's will to heal us today, and that the price for our healing has already been paid through Jesus Christ. This statement leads me into a story that I will never forget.

It was during my first year at RHEMA USA that some friends and I had worked up enough courage to start going to downtown Tulsa to share the gospel with people we didn't know. One of our favorite places to go was a particular bus station located right in the heart of the city. This bus station would usually have a wide variety of people who while waiting for their connecting bus, would generally have the time and patience to engage in a thoughtful conversation with us.

On one particular night as we ventured into the bus station so that we could talk to and pray with the folks sitting inside we were met by a security guard who promptly let us know that we were not allowed inside, and that we had to go outside immediately. Well, by that time I had already started talking to a middle aged man who had been struggling for months with very painful bone spurs in his heel. After the security guard informed us that we had to leave I looked at him and bluntly said, "If you come outside with me and let me pray for you, when you come back in, those bone spurs will be gone." I'll never forget the look on his face. His eyes were wide and without prompting him any further he began to follow me outside.

Once we were outside I prayed a simple prayer and commanded the bone spurs to leave in Jesus' name. Instantly he started to stomp is foot down and exclaim, "It's gone! It's gone! The pain is gone!" And just like that he started dancing outside of the bus station, praising and worshiping God! He told me later, that when I had said, "If you come outside with me, when you come back in the bone spurs will be gone, " something rose up inside of him telling him to follow. I believe that something was faith. You see, Romans 10:17 says that, "faith comes by hearing." It is the words that we hear which begin to form our beliefs. As believers we need to meditate on God's Word until we become absolutely convinced of what His will is for us, but also for the world. When we are convinced of God's will, we will speak with boldness those things which be not as though they were. And maybe, just maybe, the right person will hear those words and will be inspired to take action so that they can receive God's best for their life.


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