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Book: Plans, Purposes and Pursuits

Our series: ”Which of Brother Hagin's books has spoken to you and why?"

(norsk tittel: Følger du Gud's plan?)

Excerpt from: Dee Ramthun

One of my favorite Kenneth Hagin books is "Plans, Purposes and Pursuits". It was written after Jesus appeared to Brother Hagin in a vision in the summer of 1987.

Brother Hagin explains, "The things Jesus explained to me in this visitation were to help get the body of Christ ready for the next great move of God's Spirit upon the earth. The spiritual truths that Jesus shared in this visitation are just simply the springboard, so to speak, which will spring the Body of Christ into a realm of the supernatural in a way and in a place that we have barely been before. Why? Because we will be following His plans and His purposes and pursuing them. Jesus told me, "This move will be lost unless the people are taught how to move with my Spirit. There will be those people who will catch on and take hold of what the Lord is trying to get across to the Body of Christ in this hour, and get God's plan for their lives and follow after that! Those who do, will be ready for the move that God is wanting to bring upon the earth in this day." (pp 6-7)

In the book, we are encouraged to seek the Lord for ourselves and find out God's special plan for us personally. Brother Hagin points out, "There is something about the Lord...He won't interrupt you. He is the perfect gentleman and so is the Holy Spirit... He won't tell you unless you ask Him... Hear from Heaven for yourself! God's full blessing and the full dimension of the Holy Spirit can only come upon His plan. We must get God's best." (p 16)

"Some ministers once asked me, "Brother Hagin, what is the secret of your success? I answered, "The only secret of success I know is walking in line with the Word of God, and praying and listening to the Holy Spirit. I simply listen to what the Spirit of God says to do, and then do it." Brother Hagin comments further, "Actually, everything I'm doing today is the result of believing the Word, praying in other tongues, and being obedient to what God told me to do. Thank God for the value of praying in other tongues." (pp. 29-30)

Doing things God's way is a central theme of the book. A favorite story of mine, where Brother Hagin almost missed it, was over a sermon he had prepared for his church on Mother's Day. He'd worked hard on that sermon, finding many appropriate quotations from Abraham Lincoln and other famous men, and everything was about "Mother". There were men at that service who only came to hear their children recite poems about"Mother". Everything in the service was prepared to flow in that direction. Just as the songleader was singing the last song, the Lord said, "After this song, get up and hold a healing meeting!" That was not what Brother Hagin wanted to do, and he argued with the Lord about it. "Lord, they'll think I'm crazy! This is about "Mother", and I worked so hard on my sermon. It's not time for a healing meeting." The Lord insisted. Brother Hagin got up and even read the text he had prepared, but then he closed his Bible and said, "I'm going to obey the Lord. He wants a healing meeting." In that service, a well-known elderly man who couldn't straighten up his back, was instantly delivered, and a baby was miraculously healed. Brother Hagin glanced over at the men he thought would think him crazy, and they were all crying and wiping the tears from their eyes.

Brother Hagin commented,"When we pursue God's purpose rather than our own, the Holy Spirit is free to move in our midst. He can accomplish more in five minutes than we could accomplish in five years." (p. 65)

I was greatly inspired and continue to come back to these truths the Lord showed Brother Hagin. Before leading in a prayer of consecration, Brother Hagin concludes by saying, "There is a high calling for the Body of Christ. We stand on the threshold of a mighty move of God's Spirit, God has revealed His plan whereby we can enter into the fullness of His blessing. It is now up to us to pursue God's plan with God's purpose and usher in this next great outpouring." (p. 144)


Source: ”Plan, Purposes and Pursuits” by Kenneth E. Hagin. Excerpt permission granted by Faith Library Publications. Copyright © 1989 RHEMA Bible Church AKA Kenneth Hagin Ministries, Inc. All rights reserved. Please visit for additional materials.

Norwegian book available from Agape Forlag: Førler du Guds plan?


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